Full Service Residential Solar Company

Electricity prices are ever-increasing, and more homeowners are turning to solar energy to reduce their rising electricity costs. Using a patented, bi-facial design, our Sunpreme solar panels produce up to 20 percent more power than conventional panels. Sunpreme’s high-efficiency panels produce the most energy per square foot on a home’s roof-top. With more power available, owners benefit from greater electricity production and a faster return on their investment, which adds to the value of their home. Sunpreme’s double-glass panels are Class A fire rated and have a 30-year warranty on all modules. They are built with durability and safety in mind, allowing them to last more than 30 years.

We Are a Full-Service Installation Company

We understand that the application process and associated paperwork for installing a new home solar system can be quite complicated and frustrating for homeowners, especially those who are not completely familiar with all of the terms and technology in the solar industry. For this reason, we take care of the whole process, from beginning to end, for all our clients.

Solar Application & Form Services

For every solar client, Sol-Up prepares and submits all documents, including, but not limited to, those listed below.

Rebates: Any time there are additional rebates available for installing solar power at your home or business, Sol-Up will apply for these rebates for our customers.

Net Metering Application: This application is to inform the utility company that you are having a solar power system installed. They will monitor the installation to make sure that quality is maintained, the installation is safe for the homeowner and power company employees, and the system meets all renewable energy guidelines.

SREC/PEC Application: The Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) or Portfolio Energy Credit (PEC) needs to be properly prepared so homeowners can receive the credits available for choosing clean and renewable power. Additionally, Sol-Up will manage these credits for our clients to ensure that they always receive them.

HOA Requirements: Many homeowner associations require an architectural application to be completed prior to installing solar power systems. Sol-Up will prepare all of the necessary documents for our clients to speed up the approval process.

Financing for Solar Panel Systems

We at Sol-Up believe that every home owner should have a solar system. Being your own energy producer is one of the best financial investment opportunities today. We provide several financing programs that are easy to apply for. Available financing programs differ in regards to credit period and payment process.

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Solar System Installation

Sol-Up’s commitment to quality is especially visible in the way we perform our installation work. Our principles result from many years of job experience in the field. Highly trained NABCEP PV Installation Professionals, with practices originally developed in Germany, the country with the most residential solar systems installed worldwide. We have taken these practices and adapted them to the special conditions of Nevada.

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Solar-Array Monitoring & Cleaning Services

Sol-Up provides solar panel cleaning services for existing solar clients, as well as anyone who has a new solar array installed on their rooftop. We also offer solar-array monitoring via existing infrastructure, if available. Typically, systems equipped with microinverters or DC optimizers will have internet-enabled monitoring capabilities.

Please contact us directly for pricing regarding these solar energy services.

Sol-Up EV Charging Stations

Owning an electric vehicle was your first step to living sustainably. Let us help you transform the way you charge your EV!

More and more drivers are choosing electric vehicles. We help modernize parking infrastructure and attract more visitors to businesses with a wide range of high-tech and affordable EV-charging stations.

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