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Solar Panel Technology

Solar Technology is Evolving, and Sol-Up is at the Front of the Pack

Solar Technologies are rapidly developing every day. Sol-Up is consistently scanning the market for the newest solar products and negotiating with manufacturers all over the world to always provide you with the most advanced, efficient and reliable solutions available. Being a local company and completely focused on the prevailing circumstances of one of the best solar locations in the world, we only choose products that are certified and proofed to perform under the extreme conditions we find in Las Vegas. System designs that do well in Europe or in the Northern States of the US, astonishingly often fail in the extreme heat conditions which we experience here in so many days of the year.

Better Solar Output with Micro Inverters

Sol-Up is clearly focusing on the Micro Inverter Technology which offers a huge number of advantages compared to conventional solutions:

  • Up to 25% more energy output.
  • All our systems provide a 25 year warranty. A string inverter warranty is typically 5 years.
  • The web based monitoring allows power tracking of each individual panel. String inverter systems can only check a group of panels.
  • Shading or malfunction of one module doesn’t impact the other panels. In String inverter you have to live with the Christmas tree principle.
  • A String inverter system can’t be extended unless replacing the complete inverter, which is very expensive. Our Micro Inverter systems allow to easily add more modules at any time.

The Newest Technology Means Savings for You

In our continuous effort to provide the newest and best technologies, Sol-Up is now offering (as one of the first companies in the United States) the AC-Modules which integrate the inverter into the module. This revolutionary development was especially designed for residential clients and offers further and significant advantages:

  • Up to 50% faster to install, therefore significantly reduced project costs.
  • AC modules have integrated grounding and eliminate high-voltage DC wiring on the roof.
  • One company, one warranty, one person to speak with in case of a claim.