Charge Your EV with Solar Power!

Charge Your EV with Solar Power!

Sol-Up is dedicated to helping homeowners save money by creating free energy with Las Vegas’ most abundant resource – the Sun! Sol-Up is now excited to offer the option for homeowners to conveniently solar power their electric vehicles with the addition of a GoSpace EV charging station!

Sol-Up’s CEO Frank Rieger is the perfect example. Not only does he power his home with solar energy, he drives to work in an electric vehicle and says, “The combination makes perfect sense! Why would I pay for gasoline when I can charge my car with the free, naturally abundant sunlight?”

Sol-Up will be partnering with GoSpace to install their first charging station in Nevada at Tahiti Village. We are also planning to add a GoSpace at the Sol-Up Showroom, which will be available to all electric vehicle drivers.

About GoSpace:

GoSpace has been installing EV chargers nationally since 2010. Locations include: Hawaii, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Currently working on our first install in Nevada with our Sol-Up partnership!

GoSpace is the preferred Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment provider to AAA. GoSpace provides state of the art solutions for sustainability with a product suite encompassing multiple technologies. Additionally GoSpace is working closely with Nissan USA implementing a national network of DC Fast Chargers.

 About Sol-Up:

Sol-Up was founded in 2009 and with its strong financial base made it through the recession. Sol-Up is now one of the leading solar installers in Las Vegas and has installed nearly 1.5MWs of rooftop solar for local homeowners. Sol-Up has a strong focus on customer service and a rock solid financial base. Sol-Up’s sales team has the best reputation in the valley for their transparency and “what you see is what you get” quotes.

Sol-Up prides itself on offering the best technology available for the lowest price. Quality matters and we make sure you’re getting top of the line products for a price that can’t be beat.

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