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We are committed to Vegas and have been for 13 years now.


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We are committed to Vegas (and YOU) for life.

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Answers To Questions Almost Everyone Asks:

Will My Solar System Be Working in 20 Years?

Yes, Sol-Up engineers your solar energy system to last for 20 years and longer.

Does using a Vegas-based solar company matter?

Yes, Sol-Up has been committed to Vegas for 13 years, employing top quality local professionals in all facets of our business! We engineer for the rough climate, specialized construction and requirements of Vegas. An Sol-Up will be here to support you with solar panel service for life.

Which Solar Company Can I Trust?

We don’t work for those other guys but we can assure you from our managers to our installers the Sol-Up team is full of highly qualified people of real integrity. We love what we do and we intend to do it better than anyone for as long as we can.

How much money can I really save with solar?

A: Savings vary depending on a lot of factors. Our advisors can figure that out for you during a short, easy, no-pressure conversation right now. You just need to call now or schedule an appointment.

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