Residential Solar Panel & Solar System Installation Las Vegas

Full Service Residential Solar Company

With electricity prices always increasing, solar energy has become the perfect solution for homeowners to lower their electric bills. Our Panasonic solar panels perform significantly better in extreme heats than its competitors, making them the perfect energy solution for Las Vegas locals.

With this much power being produced, you will see a return on your investment faster. This not only adds value to your home but also saves you money every time you flip on a switch. Panasonic even has a 25 year warranty across the board, giving you piece of mind that your solar power will always be giving you top tier production.

We Are a Full-Service Solar Panel Installation Company

We know the application process can be complicated and tedious, especially for people who have never installed solar panels for their home before. This is why we make it easy by completing the whole process for you. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the savings.

Solar Application & Form Services

For every solar power system, Sol-Up prepares and submits all of the documents so you don’t have to. Below are just a few examples of the work we do to make sure your application process is 100% pain free.


Rebates: If we can save you more money, we will. Our team does all of the research to make sure that you get any and all rebates that apply to your specific solar panel system.


Net Metering Application: The Net Metering Application goes to your power company to let them know you are getting a solar panel system. Your utility company will monitor the whole installation process to make sure that your new panels are installed at the highest quality, that they meet all renewable energy guidelines and that they are completely safe for your home and family.


SREC/PEC Application: The Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) or the Portfolio Energy Credit (PEC) needs to be done the right way so that solar panel owners receive the maximum amount of credits possible for choosing renewable energy. As well as filling these out, Sol-Up will also keep track of them for you to ensure that you always receive the correct credits month after month.

HOA Requirements: Most homeowner associations need an architectural application to be completed before your solar panels are installed. Sol-Up will prepare all of the documents necessary for our clients to speed up the approval process and have your solar panels up as soon as possible.

Financing for Solar Panel Systems

We at Sol-Up believe that every homeowner should have a solar panel system. Producing your own energy is one of the best financial opportunities available today. Sol-Up has several financing programs that are easy to apply for to help you have the solar panels of your dreams. Our available financial programs vary depending on the credit period and payment process you choose to go with.

Solar System Installation

We are committed to quality, and the easiest way to see this is through our installation process. Our team has years of real experience in the field and has NABCEP PV Certified Installation Professionals leading each and every project. Our practices were originally developed in Germany, the country with the most residential solar systems installed worldwide. We have taken these top-tier systems and adapted them to perfectly cater to our clients in Nevada.  

Solar-Array Monitoring & Cleaning Services

Your solar panels getting dusty? Don’t worry, Sol-Up also offers cleaning services for everyone, not just those who bought solar panels through us. We also offer monitoring on how your solar panels are doing, to make sure that they are producing the most energy possible. Typically, our systems are equipped with microinverters or DC optimizers that have internet- enabled monitoring capabilities built right in. making it easy for you to see exactly how your solar panels are doing.

Please contact us directly for pricing regarding these solar energy services.

Sol-Up EV Charging Stations

Owning an electric vehicle was your first step to living sustainably. Let us help you transform the way you charge your EV!

Did you take the next step in living green and purchase an electric vehicle? We can help with that too!

We have a wide range of high-tech and affordable EV-charging stations that are great for both homeowners and businesses looking to modernize their parking structures.