Solar Leasing Programs: Is It Right for Me?


Solar Leasing Programs: Is It Right for Me?

In recent years, the push to develop better and cheaper solar panels has been a big focus for scientific development. They’ve come such a long way from as little as 5 or 10 years ago, to a point where they’re becoming a prevalent option for homeowners to install. The fact of the matter is, though, that they’re still such a big purchase that it’s essential to consider your options before you buy.

Why Solar Panels?

The first question to consider here is the big “Why.” Why would someone go out and go through all the hassle and money to install imposing panels on top of their roofs? The benefits of solar energy are pretty straightforward – It’s a green and fully renewable source that can lower your monthly energy bills. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that once you’ve got it all installed and hardwired, it starts working for you day in and day out. Solar panels are rather hardy technology – once you’ve got them working they barely need any maintenance for their entire 20-30 year lifespans. They’re designed to withstand the elements, and they’ll keep on generating free electricity so long as the sun keeps shining. A win for environmentalists and homeowners trying to cut back on costs alike!


Purchasing vs Leasing Solar Panels

Purchasing solar panels right out is an excellent way to go about things – after a one-time installation, they work for you for their entire lifespan. On average, estimates say that you stand to save somewhere around 40-70% of your energy bill, per month. Over about 6-10 years (estimated), you’re going to be able to make your money back from those bills and start to reap the rewards. When buying them, there are also federal incentives, tax benefits, and even cash rebates offered to lower the initial investment cost. However, even with the offers and benefits given, it’s still likely that the average consumer won’t be able to front the cost. 


Leasing solar panels for your home is another option that still offers a lot of the benefits of having solar panels for your home. It works like any rental – you pay the company a regular fee, and the solar panels earn that cost back in energy. After the monthly costs, leasing your solar panel can still stand to save you between 10-30% on your energy bills! Because you don’t have to front the initial costs, you can reap the benefits as soon as the first bills come in! What’s more, the solar panel company is still responsible for any maintenance or upkeep that needs to be done, reducing your liability. It won’t make you money like ownership, but it’ll still save you a good amount!

How Solar Leasing Works

Solar leasing allows for homeowners that are interested in making a switch to renewable energy to be able to make that transition. The process begins mainly by contacting a local solar financing and installation company, then the company agrees to make all of the necessary connections in order to bring electrical power to the property. The homeowner will pay a fee for a certain period of time that they are leased for which all, in the end, comes down to the agreements of the lease.

Advantages of Leasing Solar Panels

There are many advantages to making the transition into leasing solar panels, one of the many is that it is an extremely quick and easy gateway into the marketplace. It is very important that when you make the initial transition that you understand a companies products as well as analyzing which one suits you best. A second advantage of making the switch is the elimination of paying the costs upfront, zero-down solar leasing requires no initial investment. A third benefit is that in the case of an event where the solar panels are interfered with, the solar leasing company will be able to be responsible for repairs and maintenance on the issue. 


Sol-Up Can Help You Get Started

It’s easy to get lost in all of the technical information and minor details when choosing a solar panel company, but we are the solution. Sol-Up of Las Vegas offers the highest grade solar panels for both residential and commercial use in the Valley. We take pride in our priority on customer service and ease of use. Give us a call today, and we’ll find the best solution for you and your home or business!

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