Solar Technology is Evolving, and Sol-Up is at the Front of the Pack

 Solar technologies are rapidly developing every day. Sol-Up is consistently scanning the market for the newest solar products and negotiating with manufacturers all over the world to always provide you with the most advanced, efficient and reliable solutions available. Completely engineering focused, we only choose products that are certified and proofed to perform under the extreme conditions we find in solar states. System designs that do well in Europe or in the Northern States of the US, astonishingly often fail in the extreme heat conditions which we experience here in so many days of the year.

Bi-facial module designs allow our solar panels to produce up to 20% more power than conventional panels.

Thin, dual-glass and frameless module architecture provides premium, aesthetic appearance.

Frameless design reduces potential-induced degradation (PID) and allows for lower installation cost due to no additional grounding required.

Economy module efficiency0%
Premium module efficiency0%
Sol-Up module efficiency0%

A specialized DC-optimized system for the desert climate


Optimization at the module level that allows for up to 25% more energy, voltage shutdown for safety and mitigates mismatch losses.


A highly-efficient, compact, light weight and simple design inverter that converts DC to AC power at 99% efficiency.


Real-time performance data for your system via web portal or smartphone and enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis of each solar module.

Inverter Technology Comparison

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