What You Need to Know About Solar Panel Cleaning


What You Need to Know About Solar Panel Cleaning

Now that you have your solar panels, you may be wondering about how to go about solar panel cleaning. For the most part, solar panels in Las Vegas will generally get the cleaning they need from occasional rain, and at Sol-Up, regular cleaning comes with your purchase.

But when you do want to freshen up your environmentally green investment yourself, use these recommendations.  

How to Clean Solar Panels  

Solar panels cleaning products  

When you decide you want to clean your solar panels, the most important thing to keep in mind is to handle with care because any scratches or damaging may reduce the solar panel energy performance.

You may use dish soap and warm water. Apply with a soft sponge or cloth. You can also use a squeegee to remove dirty water.  

You may see oily stains, which is not a common occurrence.  This happens if you are in an area that is close to an airport or truck route. With oily stains, use isopropyl alcohol and a rag. Remember to stay away from using strong, potent cleaning fluids as these can also damage the solar panel.

Helpful tips for solar panel cleaning  

There are no detachable or moving parts with solar panels which help in the cleaning process. So if you are choosing to touch up, use these top on how to clean solar panels:

  • Remember that your solar panels are designed to absorb heat. Try and clean them in the early morning to avoid the hottest times of the day.   
  • Attempt to use your garden hose. This may do the trick unless a large amount of dust and collected.
  • If you need to detail, get a bucket with warm water and a spray bottle.
  • Always clean with care. Using a soft cloth or sponge with no wiring.

How frequently should I clean my solar panels?

As the “spring cleaning” adage goes, this is the best time to clean because it is typically cooler weather. According to Top Premier Solar Cleaning, it’s best to clean solar panels once or twice a year. The cleaning helps produce 3.5% and 5.1% more electricity respectively than uncleaned panels.

Do I need to pay for a solar panel cleaning service?

With an essential investment like solar panels, there are professional options available. At Sol-up USA, professionals will come to your home or business to ensure that solar panels are cleaned and maintained.  

Especially if you have a high rooftop, a professional will be your best option. If you have to opt for a cleaner, they may not necessarily be better, but it is safer. For ground mount units, you should be able to clean your solar panels as instructed above.

Experience the Best in Solar with Sol-up USA

With Sol-Up USA, we have the best in panels with Panasonic panels. This is coupled with our promise of giving you the best experience. When you purchase your top of the line panels with Sol-upUSA, you can leave the cleaning to us!

We have a professional and knowledgable team ready to assist you with your solar panels in Las Vegas.  

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